Multi-Functional UV Sterilization, Blitz Germs on Phones, Jewellery, Keys, Masks

  • White UV sanitizer box with mobile phone inside
  • White UV sanitizer box with mobile phone inside
  • UV sterilizer box with reading glasses inside, and list of functions, one touch operation, 2-phase disinfection process, UV sterilization
  • Phone inside UV sanitiser box , images of items to sterilize, watch, ring, mask, eye-glass, ear buds, keys, makeup, mobile phone
  • smartphone showing before and after results using screen cleaner, with half screen covered in germs and half screen clean
  • UV sterilizer box with mobile phone inside,  sitting on desk next to man working on laptop
  • smartphone inside UV sanitiser box using wireless charging feature, and small white alarm clock
  • Measurements internal and external of UV sterilizer box


Multi-Functional UV Sterilization, Blitz Germs on Phones, Jewellery, Keys, Masks


KILL MOST GERMS AND VIRUSES: The typical mobile phone carries over 25,000 bacteria per square inch, more than your average kitchen counter. The Koolbitz UV steriliser box uses high tech UV lamps that stop germs and viruses in their tracks. Don’t let your phone become a super spreader, keep it clean and germ free.

ONE TOUCH, TWO PHASE STERILISING: Double disinfection and sterilization: Phase 1 – ultraviolet sterilization; Phase 2 – ozone disinfection. This prevents bacterial regeneration and eliminates odour. Quickly and easily disinfect your mobile phone, keys and other small items with the one touch disinfection process. The recorded voice prompts will guide you through the process, which takes 15 mins for a thorough disinfection.  

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Charge and disinfect at the same time. The UV phone sanitizer acts as a dock for your mobile device. The wireless charger is internal and will charge your phone during the disinfection process. Note: This feature will only work if your phone has wireless charging capability.

TAKE IT ANYWHERE: The phone steriliser box is portable and lightweight - take the power of UV disinfection with you wherever you go. It’s a compact design so you can pop it into your bag or backpack. Use at home, in the office, at a park or even at a cafe.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: Give your friends and family a gift they’ll appreciate. With safety being a high priority these days, the phone sanitiser is the perfect gift that they’ll actually use.


The Koolbitz Multi-Functional UV Sterilization box is a stylish, unique design and includes the following:

  • 1 x Multi-functional UV sterilizer box
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Instruction leaflet
  • Measurements: External: 22cm x 12cm, Internal: 18cm x 10cm
  • 12 months warranty

Germs are everywhere. While we’re washing our hands more, it’s easy to overlook the things we touch. The easy solution is to sterilise the small items you use every day in our phone sterilizer. The UV-C lamps are known to kill most germs and will help stop the spread of harmful bacteria on your items. The process takes a total of 15mins for sterilization and disinfection.

It’s a convenient size and lightweight, which means you can pop it into your bag to take with you when you go out, or simply use it at home. Just plug the USB cable into a compatible adapter.

It has a recorded voice that activates when you press the one-touch button, to prompt you when to put in your items and when the cycles are starting and finished.

An added feature is the wireless charging. Suits all mobile phones with wireless charging capability. Charge your phone while it’s being sterilized by the UV-C lights.

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