Black suitcase record player, with 33 vinyl record on turntable with tone arm sitting on middle of record.
Turquoise suitcase record player with lid open
Black suitcase record player sitting on brown table, with musical notes in the air over the record player, man's hand holding a phone showing wifi symbol
Turquoise suitcase record player closed, with measurements for height, length and width
back of turquoise suitcase record player showing line out interface, AUX in and DCIN power interface
black suitcase record player closed, showing measurements for height, width and length.
Vintage-style black suitcase record player with in-build speakers, sitting on a brown desk playing a 33 record


Deluxe Vintage Vinyl Record Player with Bluetooth

Sale price$149.97

Vintage Vinyl Record Player with Bluetooth

Are you nostalgic for the days when vinyl ruled? Or have you just discovered the sweet sound of vinyls?

Don't be restricted by a traditional record player - this vintage-look retro turntable is portable so you can take it with you when visiting family and friends. Can be used outdoors - simply plug it into a power bank.

This Deluxe model plays 3 speeds: 33, 45 and 78 rpm.

Retro Suitcase Record Player 

It comes with a 1.8mtr USB cable that attaches to any standard adapter.  It also includes built-in stereo speakers, Bluetooth (you can play music from your smartphone), USB port, AUX in/out ports, headphone jack.

We've included a spare stylus, cute sticker and a link to an eBook on the Top 20 Australian Rock 'n Roll Albums of all Time.

Portable Record Player, perfect for parties and BBQs

Our retro record player is the perfect gift for anyone who has an existing vinyl collection or wants to start one.