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Sterilizer and Sanitizer for smartphones, glasses, masks, earbuds and other small items. Kills up to 99.9% of germs. Wireless charging for smartphones.
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The Simple Solution for Dirty Screens

Portable 2-in-1 Screen Cleaner

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Record player for vinyl lovers

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Screen & Keyboard Cleaning Kit

Back to work essentials

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Phones, Keys, Glasses

UV Sterilization & Disinfection

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Amber from NSW

Great idea for getting rid of smudges and fingerprints without leaving fibres behind as most things do. Really useful.

Mara from Sydney

This screen cleaner has made a huge difference. It is very useful for workplaces such as offices as well as students. A great purchase that I highly recommend.

Sue from Sydney

I tend to hold my phone up to my face when on a call. This screen cleaner is perfect for removing the make-up off the screen.

Get rid of germs on your touchscreen