Keeping your device screens clean with this unique screen cleaner

Keeping your device screens clean with this unique screen cleaner

Cleaning your phone or laptop screen will never be a chore after using this nifty screen cleaner.
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What's the best way to clean your laptop or phone screen?

I'm sure you've heard this before, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it - studies have found that the germs and bacteria on your phone are 10 x more than you'll find on your toilet seat.  Disgusting, right? I mean, we're touching our phones how many times a day - imagine if that was a toilet seat. Gross 

So, what is the best way to clean your phone, laptop and tablet screens?

At some point I think most of us have used either a tissue or sleeve, with less than adequate results. And those wet wipes specifically designed for laptops, monitors, keyboards, and screens  - besides taking a while to dry, end up leaving the surface sticky and streaked. Not a great result.

There are some sprays on the market with separate microfiber cloths that are better. But what if I told you about a different type of screen cleaner that will give you ultimate results so good, you won't want to use anything else?

The Koolbitz 2-in-1 screen cleaner gives the best results I've seen so far. The size makes it small enough to carry in your pocket or bag, but large enough to clean computer monitors easily.

  • Convenient to carry around:  Spray and microfiber cloth combined so you only need to carry 1 product. Very practical. And it has a protective cover for the cloth.
  • Easy to use: Just press the spray button on top and then wipe with the surface cloth. It's that simple - spray and wipe!
  • Easy to clean:  The microfiber cloth can be washed under warm running water, no detergent required. Once it's air dried it can be used again.
  • Chemical free: Absolutely! The spray is non-toxic and antibacterial. Just what you need for all those disgusting germs. And no alcohol!
  • Refillable:  Yes, that's right - the screen cleaner can be refilled with non-toxic antibacterial liquid over and over again.

The screen cleaner comes with 30ml of liquid that lasts for up to a massive 400 sprays. Using an average of 4 sprays per day, it would last for up to 100 days. That's over 3 months before you need to refill it.

The screen cleaner itself, including the microfiber cloth, will last for around 2 years if looked after according to instructions.

When you see how clean your screen is after using this product, you'll be hooked. So why not treat yourself, and order one now. 


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